Prices are in CZK, airmail.
Great Britain, France, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Island: 1kg- 363, 2kg- 410 (there are approximately 2 marionettes), 3kg- 457, 4kg- 505, 5kg- 552, 6kg- 599, 7kg- 646 etc.
Germany: 1kg- 418, 2kg- 445 (there are approximately 2 marionettes), 3kg- 472, 4kg- 499, 5kg- 526, 6kg- 553, 7kg- 580 etc.
Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland: 1kg- 309, 2kg- 339 (there are approximately 2 marionettes), 3kg- 370, 4kg- 400, 5kg- 431, 6kg- 461, 7kg- 491 etc.

star HANDLING: We don't charge anything for handling. But we have to ask you to pay 300 crowns per order, that is the cost of declaration.

star PAYMENTS: Currently we only accept money order. You go to your bank and give them information we send you when you order. Your bank will execute everything, but please make sure that you pay all the transfer fees if there are any. Payments are made in USD, if this was a big trouble for you we can accept payments in Euro. We don't accept credit cards, but we are working on it and we hope to have it introduced soon.

star SUMMARY: When we receive your order we check if the desired marionettes are on stock and we write you an email informing you about an approximate price and time of delivery. After we get confirmation from you, we ship the package and at that time we tell you the exact price and we ask you to pay. If there is any problem, let us know and we will try hard to solve it. The price of the marionette is stated in CZK, to get the exact price in $USD divide CZK by the exchange rate of $USD. (currently 1$USD=35CZK). Most of our marionettes cost 300 crowns, that means the price is about 8,6$. To this price you add shipping and declaring fees as stated above. The package is insured. You pay no duty or sales tax when you get it.
      If you are on a visit in Prague, there is the possibility of a delivery to your hotel. This        way you save a lot on the shipping fees. 2000 - The best marionettes!