The following table presents all the marionettes that are currently being produced by our company. The list is in alphabetical order, at the end of the page there are explanatory notes about the types of the marionettes.

Name Size Type Number Price
magician 25cm D D09 300
maid 25cm S S36 300
man with a book 25cm S S06 300
marquis 25cm D D18 300
marquis 15cm K K18 150
marquisse 25cm D D19 300
marquisse 15cm K K22 150
mefisto 20cm S S47 300
miller 15cm K K10 150
monk 30cm S S53 330
musician 25cm S S09 300
musketeer 25cm S S35 300
musketeer 25cm D D13 300
necromancer 25cm D D01 300
necromancer 15cm K K24 150
necromancer 15cm M M01 120
necromancer 40 cm S S68 400
necromancer 25cm S S01 300
necromancer 20cm S S59 300
nymph 20cm S S51 300
policeman 25cm S S14 300
prince 20cm S S48 300
prince 25cm S S55 300
prince with a red hat 30cm S S61 330
prince 15cm K K23 150
princess 25cm D D10 300
princess 15cm K K15 150
princess 20cm S S10 300
princess 25cm S S11 300
pub-keeper 25cm S S18 300
pub-keeper 30cm S S56 330
pub- keeper 15cm K K09 150
queen 25cm D D11 300
queen 15cm K K21 150
queen 15cm M M07 120
queen 25cm S S32 300
queen 20cm S S46 300
rabbi 25cm S S04 300
rabbi 25cm D D04 300
red hat 25cm D D05 300
red hat 15cm K K01 150
red hat 15cm M M10 120
red hat with a basket 25cm S S23 300
robber 25cm D D17 300
robber 15cm K K14 150
robber 15cm M M02 120
robber with a gun 30cm S S57 330
shepherd boy 25cm S S30 300
shoemaker 15cm K K05 150
skeleton 15cm K K11 150
soldier 15cm K K20 150
soldier 15cm M M05 120
soldier 20cm S S42 300
soldier 25cm S S60 300
soldier 25cm S S69 300
Svejk 25cm S S34 300
wallach 25cm S S15 300
water-sprite with a golden fish 25cm S S03 300
water- sprite 25cm D D03 300
water- sprite 15cm K K04 150
water- sprite 15cm M M17 120
witch 25cm D D02 300
witch 15cm K K13 150
witch 15cm M M03 120
witch 20cm S S05 300
witch 15 cm Z Z1 160
witch 20 cm Z Z2 180
witch 25 cm Z Z3 200
witch 40 cm Z Z4 240
witch with a broom 25cm S S02 300
witch with a broom 40 cm S S58 400

D- Marionettes have their head, hands and legs turned out. Head is decorated with natural or nylon hair. Legs and hands can be painted or stay natural (depends on your choice).
K- Marionette is wooden- hands and legs are turned out, not painted, with natural look. Head is plaster casted and painted. Body is dressed in a costume.
M- On the wooden body, there is a painted costume. A natural look si partialy left in the face, on the hands and on the legs. Face is not painted in every small detail.
S- Body of the marionette is made out of plaster and is dressed up into a costume. Costume is mainly made out of natural materials. The color combinations of the costume may differ on each of the marionette.
Z- This type of the marionette is constructed not as a typical one, it is a decorative marionette to be hanged up on. Types Z1 and Z2 have plaster casted head, type Z3 is with a wooden head.
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