A scene means a theatre stage plus backgrounds. We currently produce one type of a scene, it is the exact type as on the picture below. A scene for marionette is the best thing you can buy for your kids or for you. It allows you to have your own "theatre", to play your own plays and just use all the fantasy you have. Scenes for marionettes are constructed for marionettes from the size 15cm- to the size of 25cm. Dimensions of the main platform are 80x50cm. Four types of backgrounds (forest, castle room, small village, hell) are included in the delivery. Each of the decoration is composed of one piece of a "real" background and of two pieces of the side wings. It is very easy to manipulate with the backgrounds and to change them. The price of the marionette scene is 1900 Czech crowns.

picture of the marionette scene
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