Body of the marionette is made out of plaster and is dressed up into a costume. Costume is mainly made out of natural materials. The color combinations of the costume may differ on each of the marionette.

Name Size Type Number Price
  25 cm S   300,00 Crowns
breuwer with a barrel     S19  
clown- adult     S37  
chimney-sweep     S72  
clown- kid     S25  
cook     S28  
devil     S17  
farmer's wife     S21  
fireman     S31  
gipsy girl     S08  
grandmother     S20  
happy boy     S07  
Honza     S22  
hunter     S29  
judge     S70  
kasper     S16  
king     S33  
Krakonos     S52  
Lincoln Abraham     S71  
maid     S36  
man with a book     S06  
musician     S09  
musketeer     S35  
necromancer     S01  
policeman     S14  
prince     S55  
princess     S11  
pub- keeper     S18  
queen     S32  
rabbi     S04  
red hat     S23  
shepherd     S30  
soldier     S60  
soldier     S69  
Svejk     S34  
water- sprite     S03  
witch     S02  
young wallach     S15  

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