This table shows all the wooden marionettes that are currently produced.

Name Size Type Number Price
boy 25cm D D07 300
clown- adult 25cm D D22 300
clown- kid 25cm D D14 300
cook 15cm K K06 150
devil 25cm D D15 300
devil 15cm K K12 150
devil 15cm M M15 120
dog 15cm M M11 120
dragon 15cm M M08 120
farmer's wife 15cm K K03 150
father 25cm D D06 300
gipsy girl 25cm D D08 300
grandfather 25cm D D21 300
grandfather 15cm K K08 150
grandfather 15cm M M12 120
grandmother 25cm D D20 300
grandmother 15cm M M13 120
happy boy 15cm M M16 120
Honza 15cm K K02 150
Honza 15cm M M09 120
horse 15cm M M04 120
hunter 15cm K K07 150
hunter 25cm D D24 300
kasper 25cm D D16 300
kasper 15cm K K19 150
kasper 15cm M M14 120
king 25cm D D12 300
king 15cm K K17 150
king 15cm M M06 120
knight 15cm K K16 150
Krakonos 25cm D D23 300
magician 25cm D D09 300
marquis 25cm D D18 300
marquis 15cm K K18 150
marquisse 25cm D D19 300
marquisse 15cm K K22 150
miller 15cm K K10 150
musketeer 25cm D D13 300
necromancer 25cm D D01 300
necromancer 15cm K K24 150
necromancer 15cm M M01 120
prince 15cm K K23 150
princess 25cm D D10 300
princess 15cm K K15 150
pub- keeper 15cm K K09 150
queen 25cm D D11 300
queen 15cm K K21 150
queen 15cm M M07 120
rabbi 25cm D D04 300
red hat 25cm D D05 300
red hat 15cm K K01 150
red hat 15cm M M10 120
robber 25cm D D17 300
robber 15cm K K14 150
robber 15cm M M02 120
shoemaker 15cm K K05 150
skeleton 15cm K K11 150
soldier 15cm K K20 150
soldier 15cm M M05 120
water- sprite 25cm D D03 300
water- sprite 15cm K K04 150
water- sprite 15cm M M17 120
witch 25cm D D02 300
witch 15cm K K13 150
witch 15cm M M03 120

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