WOODEN MARIONETTES with a plaster casted head (15cm)

Marionette is wooden. Hands and legs are turned out, not painted, with natural look. Head is plaster casted and painted. Body is dressed in a costume.

Name Size Type Number Price
  15cm K   100,00 Kč
cook     K06  
devil     K12  
farmer's wife     K03  
grandfather     K08  
Honza     K02  
hunter     K07  
kasper     K19  
king     K17  
knight     K16  
marquis     K18  
marquisses     K22  
miller     K10  
necromancer     K24  
prince     K23  
princess     K15  
pub- keeper     K09  
queen     K21  
red hat     K01  
robber     K14  
shoemaker     K05  
skeleton     K11  
soldier     K20  
water- sprite     K04  
witch     K13  

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