Marionettes have their head, hands and legs turned out. Head is decorated with natural or nylon hair. Legs and hands can be painted or stay natural (depends on your choice).

Name Size Type Number Price
  25 cm D   300,00 Kč
boy     D07  
clown- adult     D22  
clown- kid     D14  
devil     D15  
father     D06  
gipsy girl     D08  
grandfather     D21  
grandmother     D20  
hunter     D24  
kasper     D16  
king     D12  
Krakonos     D23  
magician     D09  
marquis     D18  
marquisses     D19  
musketeer     D13  
necromancer     D01  
princess     D10  
queen     D11  
rabbi     D04  
red hat     D05  
robber     D17  
water- sprite     D03  
witch     D02  

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